About Us

 Green Changes is an organic apparel and greeting card company committed to promoting  greener tomorrows by maintaining a low carbon footprint in all that we do and working with partners that recognize the future is our responsibility as a community.    We showcase our own eco messaging and imaging, and our clients designs on 100% organic and reclaimed material T-shirts, blank note cards, and marketing materials.

GC has a custom product line that is sold at retail and offers deeply discounted wholesale pricing.    GC specializes in custom printing offering our client's assistance in helping to select the appropriate product shapes and styles to match their demographic needs.  We feel the selection of the right shape and style will promote a greater use of the end product, help to echo your advertising and marketing message, and result in your T becoming part of your end users everyday wardrobe needs. 

In addition to custom printing services, GC provides project management, corporate sales / fundraising hosting and an ecommerce platform (www.shop.greenchanges.org) to facilitate the  sales and manage the distribution process. The print on demand model offered makes the pre-sale of our clients products a successful, no waste, organized experience leaving them free to manage more pressing matters and their projects safely in the hands of an experienced team!

 GC is partner that brings to the table a wealth of marketing and sales experience with a genuine, passionate and creative style that is offered in all that they do for, and with their clients.   

GC is  a proud division of the Eco Friendly Printer ,founded in 1990 by Greg Barber and  manages  all corporate and fund raising custom T- shirt orders for Mr. Barber.   The Eco Friendly Printer offers a wealth of printing and marketing services and is an active board member and supporter of numerous prominent Environmental organizations such as The U.S Green Building Council,  The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and Green America. 

  Retail -Wholesale-Fundraising-Corporate Sales Hosting- Project Management

 Check out our team leader Justine in some of the following you tube clips: