Custom Printing

Custom  T's for Natural Awakenings magazine publishing
community Nationwide.
Creating custom collections to meet all of your demographic needs - short sleeve, long sleeve, fashion T's , Unisex crews and then some! 

A custom T for the Ohio Star Ball, the Nations largest Ballroom Dance Championship going 35 years strong! 

Custom T's for 
for branding and promotional needs.   We also created a Hey Shuga T that was used to raise funds for the American Heart Association. 

                                            Custom T's designed to raise awareness 

          5K Race Day T's for the

Printing for the 3rd annual Mid Atlantic Women's Herbal Conference 

                         The Green Bronx Machine

Green Changes  is the perfect choice for your custom T- shirt needs. We offer T's
that go far beyond your average crew and are products that consumers will be

 proud to wear and incorporate into their everyday wardrobe needs.

 Some fast facts about our line:

  •  We offer organic cotton and reclaimed material
  • Excellent craftsmanship 
  •  A Non-toxic printing process
  •  Work with trade partners who meet International standards for fair wages, employee safety, and child labor
  • 100% profit margins gained when using T’s for fundraising the Green Changes way!
  •  Personal, attentive and superior customer and design services available
  •  A team of passionate entrepreneurial spirited educators available to assist in the sales of your product to raise funds for your team or charity of choice.

                                                                                                                             Check out some of our custom print jobs !