The Shirts we use

Our Shirts and Hoodies


The shirts we use   

The shirts, hoodies and totes we use have been carefully selected and have proven to stand the test of time. Consideration of craftsmanship,  production process, materials, shapes, styles and sizing have all been taken into account. We have sampled a lot of certified organic cotton, bamboo and reclaimed material based shirts, hoodies and totes and have come up with a selection of products that we are proud to offer.   

We are familiar with the product shapes and sizing and have a clear understanding of matching specific products to specific demographic targets, so please allow us to talk this through with you and help you to make the best match for your job.   

Click on each of the below product description sheets to get to get a good feel for the products we offer and call us to further discuss your custom printing needs.  

Choose from ....

Bamboo & Blended  T's  

100% Organic Cotton T's  

Hoodies we love!  

Eco friendly everyday totes

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ladies bamboo short slv. scoop presented by Green Changes Fall 2017 (pdf)


unisex bamboo crew presented by Green Changes Fall 2017 (pdf)


Green Changes uni hoodie by Econ EC5650_specs (pdf)


unisex usa org cotton T from Green Changes (pdf)


RPET blend ladies crew presented by Green Changes in ash (pdf)


uni org cotton classic crew (pdf)


uni org cotton long slv crew (pdf)


ladies org cotton short slv fashion crew (pdf)


ladies org cotton long slv crew (pdf)


ladies org cotton v neck (pdf)


youth org cotton crew (pdf)


ladies org blend hoodie (pdf)


The Totes we use

Eco Friendly Totes

 Eco Friendly Totes for your everyday needs! 

Our reusable canvas totes have extra wide gussets and have the Green Way ® logo printed on the front of the bag 
making this tote a proud bundle for people to use. Handles have reinforced stitching for carrying heavier items.

 The Green Way ® label means it's natural, recycled or sustainable packaging that meets an exacting set of environmentally compatible requirements for both materials and manufacturing. 

Please note this product is made in India.   The International production of this product is offset by the Green Way ® label 
and our desire to offer you an affordable eco conscience product.

Bag details:

Size: 12 1/5 X 8 1/5 X 131/2

Customize our totes for your promotional, corporate and marketing needs.

View our Eco Canvas Tote below

  • Eco Canvas Tote - durable, great for markets, extra wide bottom gussets and a perfect cross between an affordable market tote and a traditional boat tote.   Only available in natural.